Frequently Asked Questions

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1. What is the different Between Audrey Dress #1 and Audrey Dress #2 ? 

Audrey Dress #1 is with open pleats at the waist of the skirt 


Audrey Dress #2 is with stitched down pleats at the waist of the skirt

2. What is the difference Audrey Dress and Claire Dress? 

Audrey Dress is Button Front all the way- it totally opens up the front

Claire Dress is button front only on Top and Skirt is closed without opening front

Also Claire Dress has the cut in the middle  , top part is Bias and Bottom part is Straight and it makes the Balloon shape.

3. What is the difference Audrey Dress #2 and Avery Dress?

    – Both are same sewn pleats on the skirt

    Audrey Dress #2 is Button Front all the way

    Avery Dress  is only top shirt front open


    4. What is the difference Audrey Dress and Patricia Dress? 

     Patricia Dress is sewn down 15 cm down the waist, it will hug your hip

    5. Which dress is less full? 

    Gigi Dress. April Dress is very full 1, ½ Circle Bias Skirt

    Audrey Dress #2 also fuller than Audrey Dress #1. 

    Aster Dress is triple layers of circle skirt so it is very very full but cut in the very lightweight cotton gauze fabric


    6. Can you make this in Audrey Dress (or any other dress style)? 

    Yes , anything you see in the website, I can make different styles for you, if you have any favorites of the certain style but want to have it in certain prints, just ask ! 


    7. Can you make longer length? 

    We can make Longer to the MIDI or MAXI – Midi ( more than 7 cm  add) - $35 more Maxi ( more than 20 cm add) $100 more

    We can also make it shorter : Just messure the skirt from the waist line

    We can make any length requested, just measure from the waist line of the dress : as below sketch: